Command Central

We've retired our 3BBL brewery. You can check out our new 15 BBL Brewery here, or read about our old brewery below.

This is the interface between the brewer and the control system of the brewery. The unit is mounted on a wheeled NSF rack where it can be pulled in front of the brewing system or tucked in the corner by our lab. Any electronic device connected to the brewery can be controlled here. All data from flowmeters, thermocouple probes and status indicators of valves and other equipment are displayed here. All motors can be activated and their speeds can be adjusted by touching a data field and typing in a speed number. To the left of the panel is the tankless water heater control.

Although brewing is a very manual process, having easy access to data and supervisory control functions such as timers and message displays, automation is a great way to stay organized and mistake proof the brewing process.