Other Brewery Systems

We've retired our 3BBL brewery. You can check out our new 15 BBL Brewery here, or read about our old brewery below.
Mash Kettle Operations
  1. The use of a mash mixer allows even heating of the mash by creating a slow roll of the mixture and prevents scorching.
  2. Power burner blows a flame into an enclosed fire compartment under the kettle. Exhaust fumes are vented to the roof.
  3. Whirlpool pump rapidly circulates wort out of the kettle and back into the side tangential to the whirlpool direction. The whirlpool action's centrifugal force causes trub and hop particles to collect towards the center and drop to the bottom of the kettle. This allows clear wort to be pumped to the fermentor following the boil.

1) Hot Water Line Flowmeter: From the command central screen, the temperature and amount of water to fill either the lauter tun or mash kettle can be set.

2) Runoff Flowmeter: runoff flowrate and volume passed through is displayed on the command center screen.