Protector - Hop Project IPA

Hop project Imperial IPA - take our normal Protector IPA, pull off 5-15 gallons into a 13 gallon fermentor, throw in extra dry hops and you get a Hop Project.

Protector Hop Project IPA

Glass of Hop Project - Cascade and Hop Project Tap

When we were homebrewers, we loved to experiment with different beer flavors to learn and further our beer knowledge. So, we've decided to continue this tradition best we can with our commercial system. Virtually every batch of Protector IPA we brew, we pull off 5-15 gallons and dry hop it with a single hop type. When you come in and try this beer dry hopped with different hops, you can further your knowlege of what ingredients produce what flavors in the beer.

Because of the small volume of beer produced, we only serve tasters and 1 liter of beer per customer (no 2 Liters) so everyone has a chance to try it. We've dry hopped with Cascade, Columbus, Zythos, Nugget and more. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our most recent Hop Project brews.