You can check out our 3-bbl brewery below. This is the brewery we used from 2011 - 2014. You can check out our new 15 BBL Brewery here.

Brewery Overview

3 bbl craft brewery overview

Desired strike water temperature and volume is entered into the command center. The PLC automatically fills the tank to the correct level and our burner maintains the strike water temp we enter. Before water enters the kettle, it passes through 1 pad filter, 2 carbon block filters and our tankless water heater.

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Around The Brewhouse

  • glycol system

    Glycol System

    The brewery's two, 6-barrel tanks are cooled by a 2HP glycol chiller. 4 tanks are shown in the model because we designed the cooling system for expansion...

  • command central

    Command Central

    This is the interface between the brewer and the control system of the brewery. The unit is mounted on a wheeled NSF rack where it can be pulled in front of the brewing system...

  • control cabinet

    Control Cabinet

    The control cabinet is the core of the brewery's electrical system. The main component is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This device, the brain of the brewery, communicates with Command Central and...

  • heat exchanger

    Heat Exchanger

    Supply and return hoses are connected to the glycol supply manifold on the opposite wall where the feremtors sit. Glycol manifold valves are opened to initiate chilled glycol flow through the pre chiller...

  • flowmeters

    Other Systems

    The use of a mash mixer allows even heating of the mash by creating a slow roll of the mixture and prevents scorching. Power burner blows a flame into an enclosed fire compartment...

  • enegren brewing homebrew


    Before we dedicated all of our free time to making 6 Barrels of delicious beer on the weekends, we used to dedicate all of our free time making only 10 gallons of delicious beer on the weekends...

  • heat exchanger


    Check out pictures and videos of the brewery...

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